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The performance of the crypto is broadly known to the current world. Out of the number of cryptos available to the current global market, it is essential to know the best performing cryptos in the market. This will enable investors to be directed into an extremely safe mode of investing and revenue restoration.

Investors need to keep track of the crypto market to prevent the hard-earned money in vain. Let’s have a look at the cryptocurrencies that are currently in trend. This article will give a clear cut idea to investors, to invest their hard-earned earnings profitably.

Cryptos to watch out for in 2021

Though there are plenty of options available for crypto investors, these selective cryptos are extremely efficient in the market and have the perspective of performing anytime in the market. These include the all-time favorites Bitcoins, Ethereum, Chainlink, Ether, and Cardano.

Factors that Determine the Performance of Crypto

• Rank

• Market cap

• Current price

• Supply

• Volume


Based on the current performance of your crypto, it will be given a certain rank in the market. It is essential for the investors to go through the ranking list of the crypto market before investing.

Market Cap:

The market capitalization specifies the currencies’ scope for future performance. This is also an essential factor for investors to be considered. Why because? This will indicate the ratio of the perfect return of any investment.

Current Price:

This factor is an entirely dynamic one. It changes based on the performance of the other identified counterparts in the market.

Current Supply:

This denotes the total availability of that particular coin, that is available for market participation. This is also a dynamic factor based on the requirements of the market.


This includes both the supply as well as dispatched currency in the market. The volume is noted for a certain period of time. This volume will define the efficiency of that particular crypto in the current market.

Volume certainty:

Volume periods are mandatorily noted for 3 different time periods.

• Volume per hour

• Volume per day

• Volume per week

Cryptos and their performance:


Bitcoin obviously is the current ruler of the crypto sphere. It has become the face or pseudonym for cryptocurrency. Even the people who don’t have an idea about cryptocurrency state that they have little knowledge about bitcoins. It is by far the best crypto ever known in the crypto sphere. Bitcoin comes up with a huge market cap of USD 350,000,000,000, which is the best in the market. Its current pricing is approximately USD 19,000. About 19,000,000 are currently out for trade-in supply. Roughly around 43,000,000,000 are available as the trade volume of the currency. There is 1.24% of the volume of bitcoin that takes part in transactions every hour.


Ethereum also happens to be the best performing asset in the crypto markets. Looking at its performance, it comes up with the market cap of 66,000,000,000 USD. This market cap is considered one of the best-performing assets in the market. 114,000,000 coins are available as supply. Around 26,000,000,000 USD is available as trade volume to that particular coin. 3.71% of its volume takes part every hour in transactions. In spite of its performance, Ethereum is available to its end customers at a reduced price of 582 USD.


Fondly known by the name ripple. Ripple is a remittance platform based in the US. It is been in use since 2012. Operates on an open-source protocol. Considering its performance, XRP comes up with a market cap of 21,000,000,000 USD. Ripple comes up with an extremely reduced cost of 0.5USD. Roughly around 45,000,000,000 coins are available as supply in the market. Nearly 18,000,000,000 USD. Is available trade volume in the current market. Ripple represents about 2%of its shares, every hour in the crypto market.


This US-based coin has been in functionality since 2018. This was renowned as a stable coin. Tether pricing was stated that it would lie at 1USD forever, that’s why it was called by the term stable coin. This coin has been in the news recently owing to its controversies aided to them by Bitfinex. Bitfinex allegedly made use of tether’s funds. Tether comes up with a humongous market cap of 19,000,000,000 USD. As stated its pricing will also stay at 1USD. Roughly around 19,000,000,000 coins are available as supply in the market. Enormous 82,000,000,000 USD is available as the trade volume. 0.12% of its shares are available every hour in the market.


Has been in use since 2013. The main goal is to create interoperability in the sector. It operates based on the guidelines provided by the company called Smart contract chainlink limited (SEZC). The chain link operates with a market cap of 5,900,000,000USD which is a fair price in the market. The chain link is available in the market at the rate of 14.81 USD which is also a fairly reduced price. Roughly around 400,000,000 coins are available as supply in the current market. About 2,000,000,000 USD is available as a volume in the market. About 2.53% of its shares take part in the market each and every hour.


These coins are released as per MIT/X11 guidelines. They were released as an open-source protocol-oriented platform in 2011. It was almost similar in operations with the bitcoin. Litecoins were released in GitHub initially. Litecoin comes up with a considerable market cap of 5,700,000,000 USD. Currently, the market price of Litecoin is about 85USD. Currently, about 66,000,000 coins are available as supply in the market. About 6,200,000,000 USD is available as trade volume in the market. About 3.97% of its shares take part in the trade every hour.


Uniswap is subjected to be the most used in late 2020. This was specially opened to initiate transfers of ERC20 tokens. They also had plans for their employees by allocating a certain amount of its tokens to them. About 41% of its shares were associated with the DEXes. Uniswap operates with a market cap of about 850,000,000 USD. Uniswap (UNI) is available in the market at pricing of 3.78USD. 224,000,000 coins are available to supply to the market. About 1040,000,000 USD is available as the trading volume in the market. About 2.13% of its shares take part in the crypto market transfers.

Binance USD:

Binance is the world leader in exchange markets. With the quality of service provided by the Binance, it happens to be the best in the world up to current trends. Binance USD comes up with a market cap of 655,000,000 USD. Like the Litecoins it also comes up with the pricing of 1 USD. About 656,000,000 coins are available as supply in the market. About 1071,000,000 USD is available as trade volume in the market. 0.02% of its shares take part in the global crypto market.

Considerations based on constraints:

There are three main constraints that determine the considerations of your desired crypto. 

• Market cap

• Market pricing

• Trading volume

Market capitalization:

Considering market capitalization as the main constraint the cryptos that are to be considered are

• Bitcoin

• Ethereum

• Ripple

• Tether

• Chainlink

Market Pricing:

Considering the nominal pricing of the cryptocurrency as the main constraint, the cryptos that are to be considered are

• Ethereum

• Ripple

• Litecoin

• Uniswap

• Tether 

• Chainlink

These coins are said to bring the investors considerable returns. Hence these are referred to any investor who wishes to start crypto trade right now.

Market Trade Volume:

Considering the number of currencies traded or the amount of currency to be traded decides the performance of that particular crypto in the current market. Based on the trade volume assets the best-suited cryptos are,

• Bitcoins

• Ethereum

• Tether

Based on these constraints investors can readily go for investing in cryptos as per their requirements.

Expert advice:

People who monitor the crypto market constantly, have suggested that by the end of 2021, the crypto market will be single-handedly dominated by the Ethereum network. It has the qualities to overtake the current crypto giants the bitcoins.

With the enormous amount of trade volume, Ethereum obviously is the sure-shot dominant leader in the crypto sphere. Upon the words of the crypto experts, the Ethereum network will take over the bitcoin and prove its superiority in the crypto market.


The above cryptos are subjected to gain considerable profits to the investors. By paying due regards to the data provided as well as by heeding to the words of the wise men, crypto can well be a very profitable business to its investors.

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